"The doctor gave you the tool to become healthier and I am here to give you your instructions for the tool, and to continue working with you be sure you follow the directions to get the best results using your tool.

Hmm, I am now thinking that I have a way to really explain what I can be to your business in making it healthier. Your company and upline gave you the tool, an opportunity to build a business. You have heard from them, "Build a team,, fill your calendar". They provide contests and incentives. They give you some directions. I want to be your business nutritionist specialist to talk to you about the needed daily activities to be sure that the business they gave you as a tool for success is used to add income to your family and enhance your life. I want to be sure you feel like I do today, one month post op. It might not be easy. It has added so much to my life.

I also have a little secret, the digital business journal is now $25 which gives you the tool for an entire 12 months. I wish my nutritionist was only that much. In April it is going up to $40 and in July it will become $60 (only $5.00 a month for tremendous support and the daily directions to success)

I plan to attend my nutrition classes forever and continue to be inspired by others who are there 12 years post op and to help inspire others who are just beginning the process. I know I will succeed then.

Join in with people who are using the tool I created and be inspired by those who are doing it too. Click on

OK, this is not easy to post these kind of pictures (yet). Give me 6 months and it will be very easy. Many of you have been asking for pictures.