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We are excited to announce our new virtual training class program.  I would love for us to become good friends.  In fact, I would love to visit with you twice a month for a rolling 12 months period.  There are two classes a month, one on the 1st and then one on the 15th of every month 9 PM EST except when they fall on weekends.  Then the class will be the following Monday.  Classes are 45 minutes and a 15 minute additional Q and A. The cost for the entire program for the year is $200.  We are offering you this program for only $150 as a recent workshop attendee.

We could really use some help in sharing this new program. So as a thank you for helping us introduce the program I will do a 20 minute personal coaching session with you and then your referral who signs up too.  And I love goal getters, so for every person who joins us because you helped introduce the program we will do additional personal sessions together.

Here is the best news.  You can make 1 payment today of only $150 or make 2 payments at $110 each for a total of $220 or you can make 4 payments of $60 each for a total of $240. 

The virtual trainings will be 45 minutes of me training and 15 minutes for questions.  Believe me, you will become fluent in the sharing and caring language as well as more confident in all areas of your business.  I will be sharing tips for growth in all areas of your business.

I am so excited about being able to have more time with you.



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