Would you like to be able to schedule and have a party in just a couple days from today? Would you like a new consultant to join you this week? Take just a few minutes to read the information below.

I know you are thinking, “Ilene, who will want to have a party right away?” Let me paint a picture for you. If you wanted to go shopping and invite a friend to go with you, would you call a friend and say, “Hi, I am going shopping on February 12th. Would you like to go with me?” Or would you call a friend and say, “I am going to start some shopping on Thursday night. Would you like to go with me”?

I have found that the best parties are the ones booked in close. The hostess was enthusiastic, invited the guests right away. She did not put off doing what needed to be done. Her guests did not have time to forget. People generally know more about what they are doing in a few days versus in 2 weeks.

Here are some words to help you paint a picture for potential hostesses. In fact, maybe you can book an evening party and a daytime office event this week as well. Start dialing and smiling. Call everyone and here is some of the language I teach, “Hi Jennifer, this is Ilene. I am calling you today because I really want you to know how much I appreciate you as one of my customers. I am really dedicated this year to helping people have the best customer service experiences ever with me. There are a couple things that I am offering all of my customers. One of the things Jennifer I love to do is help others start home-based businesses too. This time a year is a great time to more or less job test – see if this is something you would enjoy doing. Have you ever thought about doing something alongside your family and other activities to earn some extra income?” If they say; no I am not interested. Then say, I have a goal to introduce the services I am offering to others. I am on a mission to give away $1000 of free products every month this year. How do you feel about being a recipient of some the free products. They are a thank you for helping me introduce my services to others. I have some time this Thursday. I would love to stop by for just a little quick visit and show you some of our current line. Would you like to get some unexpected shopping time this week and gifts you will need in the next few months checked off your list?” If they say yes, then say, “Can you think of some other people who might enjoy that idea too? I can be in and out of your home in an a half hour. I bet there are people who spend that amount of time just looking for a parking space and waiting in line at the stores to make purchases. What do you think? Would you like to be one of my stop and shop hostesses?” If they say no, continue with personal shopping service, asking for referrals, and appreciating their time.