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Photo by amanalang/iStock / Getty Images

Becoming an equal opportunity sharer who shares all the services equally with everyone should not happen accidentally or occasionally. It should be purposeful. Customer service should never happen accidentally, instead should be expected by you to serve those who invest in your products. Do you call someone because you need a booking? Or do call to see how you can help someone by sharing all the services you offer -O-Opportunity, H-Hostess Program P-Personal Shopping Service- R=Reaching Out to others you have not met A- Appreciating someone's time. 

The language for different types of calls using specific language I teach makes calls purposeful to help others versus your own needs. Would you like to learn more about this and growing your business right alongside your family and other activities? Would you like to learn my comfortable language for sharing and caring with others while out and about or language for people you have known for a long time and would love to reconnect with, casual acquaintances, and others who you know who provide services for you?

I have a couple of services to share with you. I want to personally invite you to let me help you become more purposeful in your business. Click on and/or for information on becoming purposeful in your business actions. 

Who is ready to become purposeful with each and every business activity?