I love giraffes. They have the biggest heart in the animal kingdom Do you like giraffes? Are you like a giraffe? Do you have wobbly legs when it comes to doing new things for your business? Do you need a little nudge to get you going in the morning and to start working on your business?

Do you have a big heart when it comes to wanting to help others with your business? Are you searching for nourishment to help you grow strong? A mother giraffe gets the baby giraffe up and going with a gentle nudge (kick), believing they are ready for the world. Have you heard others say, "I know you can do it" just like the giraffe believes in her baby? What do you do when you hear that? Do you get up and start exploring the possibilities around you or do you just sit back down and find yourself in the same place month after month? It is only April 2 and instead of wishing that you could have a full calendar for the month, choose to be more like the giraffe, and get out there and experience all the world has to offer you when working from the heart.

Which animal are you most like when it comes to your business and why? Which animal would you like to be like and why? I love feeling like the giraffe, big heart, willing to stretch, and always wanting to look up, choosing to have a positive attitude.