Join us on ________________ at _________________ for a $15 registration fee. This will be a 45 minute

training and you will receive the Digital Business Journal workbook (a $25 value). This workbook will change your business with a few little daily changes.


• Are you depending on friends and family to build your business?


• Are you disappointed when you share and someone is not interested?


• Do your customers hear from you around the seasons?


• Do you suffer from phone fear?



Start the new workbook that everyone is talking about.

• Learn how to make new contacts, get rid of fears, learn daily sharing language, and fill your       minds with positive quotes.

• Learn a fun way to get referrals and do customer service calls. the kind people will thank you for     doing.

• Do a daily coaching assessment of yourself and learn how help new team members have a     business that is balanced.

• This is all done digitally on your phone, tablet, computer and you can access on all three.


The digital journal is all about the choices to make small daily changes to bring big results.

My training is 35 minutes on language for sharing your business and then 10 minutes on

how to use each section of the journal to lead to an incredible 2017 from the work done

daily these next few months.