Cheryl Hoefler
Supervisor, Close to My Heart

WOW, I just wanted to thank you. I read your book and listed to two of your tapes this past week. I put them to the test yesterday. There is an language arts fair at my children's school so I called the coordinator to see if I could represent my home based business since it is an art form. She thought it was a wonderful idea!!! I will be displaying, selling (with donation back to PTO) and having a make and take for the kids. This would never have been possible if I didn't "just ask" Thanks again for your inspiration.

Oh as an added bonus, the women I spoke to said she had contemplated starting a stamping business and a scrap booking business with two companies. I told her that would be difficult to do two businesses justice and that my company already combines both art forms. Needless to say, I gave her a recruiting folder last night at the PTO meeting. Thanks again for your help.

Linda Trumbore
Close To My Heart Consultant

I was at the Close To My Heart Seminar in Las Vegas in late January 2002.
On returning to Ontario Ca I sat next to a lady on the plane holding a young lady. I said hi, introduced myself, and our conversation led to my saying, "Have you ever heard of CTMH? She said no, and from there the conversation went further. This was a step out of "my comfort zone", and it was because of what I learned at your seminar.

Secondly, later that week I was in a Michaels store, walking up the scrapbook aisle, and a lady was commenting to herself about the lack of certain paper. I stopped, said hi, and said I have the paper you are looking for. She asked what scrapbook store I work for, and our conversation led to my giving her a catalog, which she followed up a week later with a nice order.

So...once again I put myself out there...always remembering, that if I was met with resistance, or a no, and I would not take it personally. Thanks for again for some great advice and tips!!