Janet Holimon Stone
Creative Memories

I just attended both seminars in Columbia- Sharing and Caring, and Getting Down to Business. I came away with a wealth of ideas on growing my business-both sales and recruits. I put some of Ilene's ideas to work this week and already have three new recruit prospects!

I highly recommend the seminars. I usually advise to just invest in what my company has to offer, but these seminars are a good investment in your business.


Tammy Broadbent
Creative Memories Unit Leader

Ilene Meckley really made me see that direct sales is a very doable business. She helped me to get out of my comfort zone and share so that I could take my business and promote it to the community. It can be very difficult to move beyond your immediate circle when you first get started and once I started to do that, my business really grew.

Every new person who joins my team now gets a book or tape of Ilene's to help them get off to the best possible start. Everything she teaches you to do is done in a positive way. She is so generous with her information and experiences and she gives you the specifics that you can adapt no matter what your company is.

Karen Lehman
Creative Memories Senior Unit Leader

Hearing Ilene speak has made a huge impact on my business. Her approach to sharing my business while out in public has been extremely helpful. She put all of my fears of being pushy into perspective. My ability to become comfortable with sharing the career opportunity with everyone has made me a successful recruiter. I attribute much of my team growth to following the simple principles and ideas that Ilene shares.

Mary Frances Nichols
Alexandria, VA

Great news! I did offer my card to a lady at the doctor's office. She indicated that she was interested in a hosting a class for my business (Creative Memories). We had a class this weekend with good sales--and she is also interested in the business opportunity.

I took my boys out for donuts this morning and offered my card to two ladies who were there with their children. One "doesn't have the time", but did take my card. The other is interested in the business opportunity!

I never would have known if I had not been bold enough from your example.