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5 - Multiple Team Building Digital Daily Business Journal Licenses

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Little Daily Changes Lead To Big Changes In Your Business!

                    Ilene Meckley

Ladies this is AMAZING!!!

I booked 2 classes using this last night~ one for Wednesday and one for Thursday THIS WEEK! 2 are interested in hearing more about the company! I have 2 more coming to our Girls Night out next week! Booked another class tonight for when I return from Dallas~ she is looking at info on the company too! Check out the OHPRA way! Ilene Meckley is amazing!!! Maria Olson


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$20 for 365 days!

  • This will become your digital fillable contact journal.

  • This will help you become an equal opportunity sharer who shares equally all of the services your business offers.

  • This brings "Working From The Heart" into the 21st century.

  • You will become fluent in the sharing and caring language by using this digital journal. You will learn the O.H.P.R.A language.

  • Enjoy different motivational quotes, thoughts, challenges, and tips for success on every page.

  • This is all about daily activities to create successful business building habits. I strongly encourage you to tell your entire team and company to go to my face book page Ilene Meckley and read my posts to understand ," It's all about the plan, about the plan, no excuses. It's all about the plan, about the plan, no excuses".

  • There will be video messages throughout the year from me as well as a once a month zoom session call.