Lisa Ashworth
Discovery Toys

I was fortunate enough to be trained by Ilene Meckley in my Discovery Toys business. After attending one of her seminars you will leave with many valuable tools to grow your home-based business. You will learn her incredible language of recruiting that led her to being the top recruiter in DT history with over 650 recruits. Her role modeling of building a successful business alongside raising her 5 children is an inspiration to everyone in our field. Take advantage of all of her knowledge and experience and watch your business grow. My DT success is a direct result of her coaching and expertise.

Debbie Gabinet
Sales Director, Discovery Toys

You will want to attend an Ilene Meckley seminar near you to expand your VISION of building your network marketing business! Ilene came to Alberta and shared with us her "words & wisdom" gained over years of recruiting and team building.

She taught us how to create our own words for sharing our business in a simple way that attendees can duplicate with their success lines. Thanks Ilene!

Suzanne Weeks
Discovery Toys

Here is a little information on what your seminars and language have meant to me. Since joining Discovery Toys in April 2000, I did not recruit anyone until I had gone to your seminars in San Diego. I would like to let you know that my personal recruits for 2000 were 25 and team total 28. Thank you so much for sharing all your useful information in such a friendly atmosphere. I believe that a great part of my success was due to your seminar, tapes, book and booklets. And my husband and I are going to Cancun due largely to my success in recruiting. Truthfully, when I was going to your seminar again this year, I was thinking I had heard it all and was not sure I would find it useful. How wrong I was. I have already started filling in my sharing and caring log and find my customer care calls now fit into my day. I catch myself thinking about doing work and hear you asking me to be honest with myself. I think that I do think about working and talk about working much more than actually working. Thank you for being honest with my commitment to my business. It is good to find someone who cares enough to coach for success. I have renewed my commitment to the business and will look for quality recruits while offering all the services to all of my customers.