1. Hearing from her friends and family that they are excited to attend the party is something that makes a hostess happy.  Do you just tell her to invite lots of people or do you find out who she is going to invite and how she knows them? 

    Do you let her know why her friends and family will enjoy attending the party? 

    During the different times of the year there are always different reasons for guests to enjoy attending parties which when explained to a potential hostess can be a deciding factor whether she says yes or no. 

    Let’s talk about the season coming up- Summer!  I always had a full calendar during the Summer because my hostesses loved hearing about why her friends would love attending parties during that time.  I would remind my hostesses that during the Summer time , moms are home with school-age children and would welcome some adult company. 

    Moms have less commitments in the summer and are not checking homework and rushing to lots of after school activities before attending the party.  Moms who work at traditional jobs are not rushing home to children’s activities or to check homework.  I also would let hostesses know that the guests will really appreciate giving the neighbors a chance to get together or perhaps bring some different groups of her friends together from different organizations she belongs to. 

    Let your hostess know that you would love to help her friends even get a couple upcoming gift needs taken care of or a start on their holiday shopping so that her friends will be thanking the hostess for helping them get some gifts they needed to take care of and now they will not have to worry about doing that after attending the party.

    Let the hostess know that you love to give guests suggestions  people love hearing about ,and you would love to do that at her party too to help her friends. 

    Then talk about a gift shelf.  Ask her if she has one.  If she does not have one, then explain the benefits of having a gift shelf in one of her closets.  If she has one, let her know that a lot of people do not and that you would love to be sure that her friends can enjoy one just like she does. 

    Make suggestions as to  why now is a good time for purchasing the products.  We know there are always good reasons to by your products.  Let the hostess know so she is confident that her guests will feel that way too.

  2. Free products is something every hostess enjoys.  How do you talk to her about the free products? 

    Do you always know what is on her wish list? 

    Do you send her a card with pictures cut out of your catalog to remind her of her wish list? 

    Do you say to her, “I am on a mission to give away thousands of dollars in free products in the next few months.  Let’s talk about what it takes for you to receive a lot of this free product.  Here is what is takes to get a $500 party, a thousand dollar party.”  Then give the hostess lots of suggestions as to how she can have $500 or $1000 in sales. Paint pictures with words so that they think, I would love to have a $1000 party.

    If you never mention it , they will never even think about that as a goal. 

    Talk to her about getting outside orders before the party so she already starts feeling confident in her party goal because she has sales even before the party.  Suggest that she mention the party to people in her life that are not just her close friends.  Remind the hostess that when she is at the Post Office , bank, summer camp, picking up a child or other places that she frequents that some of the people she sees throughout her daily routine will enjoy being invited to the party too. 

    I also would be sure to remind my hostess to ask the guests who were not able to make it the night of the party to ask the guest if they would like to have their own party too and get to see the products.  Often, people who were unable to attend would be the people who booked.  Don’t just suggest they get an outside order from guest who are unable to attend. 

    I always suggested if they are not interested in a party, then ask them if they would like to place an order suggesting some of the reasons they might want to do that as described in #1.  Encourage her to share that she is having a party with people out of the area too.  Ask her to check with her out of the area friends and family to see if they would like to participate.  These days you can even skype in her sister or college roommate.  These outside orders can lead to starting teams around the country while helping to make your hostesses happy too.
  3. I also wanted my hostesses to know that I would be in and out of the party in a couple hours. Do  you tell  your hostess what the night will be like. Let her know specifics so she feels prepared to let her guests know what will be happening that night too.  Also, as far as recruiting, be careful not to be there much longer because no one will want to start a business if they feel  they have to be out all night to do it.
  4. A happy hostess loves that you have two goals for her party.  I always shared with my hostesses,  “I have two goals for your party.  One is a personal goal of mine.  I want to be sure that when your friends leave your party that they are thanking you for inviting them and that they are so glad that they were there.  Then the second goal is one I share with my company.  That goal is to give you as many free products as we can as a thank you for opening up your home and letting me share my products.”
  5. A happy hostess feels a partnership between the two of you.  Be sure to help her feel cared about by checking in with her to ask her if she needs any help from you.  Together you will insure that you are both happy.  A happy hostess will lead to a happy consultant.
  6. A happy hostess wants to feel party preparations will not require a lot of time.  I also feel that when a hostess books in close, they feel that the party is so easy to plan, and their friends will sense that too. When they book a party three to four weeks out, they have a lot of time to think about what they will have to do. And if they invite people right away, people often say yes, then something comes up a few weeks later and they are unable to make it.  When you book in close 1-2 weeks out, people generally know what is happening and more people will attend because of that.