Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Happy Mother’s Day to all the other moms who make a difference in our lives!

My Mom has always been a ray of sunshine for me. There have been times when her warmth and caring were needed more than ever.   

In May 2005, my life changed drastically when I was hit by an 18-wheeler semi truck.  I know that even with challenges, hard times, and what seems to be dark, cloudy days, there can be rays of sunshine. 

My Mom and Dad were there for me everyday while I spent 5 ½ months in a hospital.  When my parents received the phone call about my accident; they jumped into the car and drove 13 hours from Maryland to Tennessee to be by my side.  They spent the next 5 ½ months visiting me.  They did not miss a day! 

I have to say that the 5 ½ months were almost as tough on my parents as they were for me. They felt my pain, fear, and were my strength when I had no strength.  Seeing their daughter fighting for her life, fighting to learn to walk again, and knowing that the accident changed her life forever took a lot of courage and strength. 

Mom, you and Dad were there and continue to be there for me literally every step of the way.  I feel so blessed and fortunate every day to have you a part of my life.  

In the course of my life, as a shy mother and homemaker who went on to become a more confident mother, an author, top recruiter, a trainer and business coach who has helped others build large teams, AND as a person who lived through a horrendous traffic accident and learned to walk again; I’ve come to believe deep down in my heart that anything’s possible.

As a mother of five, grandmother of five and a stepmother of one, I know that everyday we strive to be the best role models we can be to show that anything’s possible for everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom reading this newsletter!