Training Aboard Heart One

Join me in my home on the road and mobile training center, Heart One. I am doing training that I like to call "The ABC's of Developing Success Habits".  We would love to come and do a workshop while we are in your area.  All we need is 20-25 interested people. If there are more than 25 we can do a couple of different sessions to avoid you having to get a meeting room.  We can also add an additional leader/future leader workshop too.  The cost is only $20 for one and $30 for both.  We can even make it a potluck dinner.  We have dates in mind that will work for us and I hope they will work for you too.  We can do the future leader/leader training, take a short break and do a general session. We can do it in the morning and the general session that night.  We want to help you avoid the meeting room expenses and so we are happy to do as many sessions on Heart One as we need to do.  

Hope to hear from you soon. 


You will want to hear from Ilene Meckley - she has walked in your shoes.  Understands your challenges and desires...she is a powerful speaker who brings an inspirational message of hope...and practical techniques that get immediate results.  

You deserve the best.  So I give you - Ilene Meckley, the Success Coach.



Call Bob at 702-673-0361 for available dates.