Just one new thought or two or three...
Please read the list below and select your favorite three thoughts that you are going to focus on this week. 

Please copy them and send them back to me in an email. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Just one new thought can get you your next booking or your next new consultant

  • I always share, even if I am uncomfortable. 
  • I step outside my comfort zone so that I can offer everyone the wonderful opportunity I have been given.  
  • I choose to be happy with everyone’s response no matter what his or her response is!  
  • New consultants need to know that they are in the sharing business. We are all professional sharers. 
  • I always ask everyone, “Have you ever thought of doing something alongside your family activities to earn extra income?”  

    When I make phone calls:
  1. I share the opportunity. 
  2. I share hostess or host opportunities. 
  3. I offer a personal shopping service. 
  4. I always ask for referrals
  5. I end the call by thanking everyone for his or her time.
  6. I use my Tracker daily to have consistency

I refuse to say, “ I can’t”. 

Sharing should be the most important business activity of my day. 

I will always measure the success of my day by how many people I have shared with, not what their responses were to me. 

Am I feeling really excited about working on my business or am I feeling a little sluggish because I do not have a real purpose for my business, something I can be excited about working towards?

Am I really working on growing my business like I should be?   

When my calendar is full and my team is growing, it is easy to be happy about my business. 

I refuse to give up on my goals even when what I am doing feels difficult and challenging. 

Work is the way I earn income. 

Working to help people and getting rewarded for it is a wonderful feeling. 

I am ready to grow personally and professionally. 

It is important to remember that I am always in control of how I think.  I can choose to look at my glass as half full or half empty. 

I can decide to feel like I have failed when things do not go the way I would like them to go or I can feel I have had an experience that will help me and one from which I can learn.

I love feeling that I can always make things better in my business by being committed to helping others.  I don’t want to ever give up on that feeling! 

I am so fortunate to have my own businesses. I have to remember that having my own business is not permission to allow myself off the hook from doing things that are necessary or uncomfortable, but instead it really means I need to feel responsible.  Being my own boss means I should do what a good boss would do—have expectations of success.  A boss would not accept your answer, “I decided to do laundry or play bridge,” if he or she asked for a report that was due.  Remember: having a home-based business gives me the flexibility to decide when to work not if to work.

I plan my days to include time for my business, family and other things I like to do.

I am so happy when I know I have completed my sharing each day.   

I always have a choice about my thoughts.

I have a great time sharing and caring.