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Are You In It To Win It?

Training will be aboard Heart One (our mobile training center) we will be parked in the Walmart Super Store parking lot at 6:30 PM

630 Colonial Promenade Pkwy

Alabaster, AL  35007

Registration 6:30 PM

Training starts 7:00 PM

FREE BONUS- ILENE'S GPS4SUCCESS (A $35 VALUE)Click on http://ilenemeckley.com/gps42017 to learn more about the GPS4Success.

Too far from this location?

Would you like to have a two hour fun business building experience in your area with others who are In It To Win It? We are looking for hostesses and participants. Would you like to be a hostess? Or would you like to be a participant? This new activity workshop is coming to an area near you! "In It To Win It” is all about helping you identify your passion and developing a mission from your passion and turning it into business building activities. Get rid of fears, I Cant’s and turn them into energized excitement.

We would like a group size of 10-20 people in each location we visit. Have more than 20 interested people? We will do an additional night. Please let me know if you would like to be a hostess or a participant. And we do have a hostess “Thank You! Gift! This is an activity for people in your life who have any type of home-based business.

Are you ready to enjoy a night of training plus 5 fun activities, and prizes too?

  • Getting rid of Phoneaphobia!

  • Developing a 30 second sharing commercial!

  • Text and Network to Success

  • Build a team the easy way

  • Learn the secrets to having satisfied customers

I would love to help you make this next year your best!  Turn any" I Cant’s” into" I Cans and I Wills" when it comes to all areas of your life and business.   

Click on http://ilenemeckley.com/gps42017 if you are not able to make the training to see how we can work together for a one-time registration fee of only $35 for your next 12 months.  Best advice, don't delay, start today and blast off for Success!



This is the Goal Positioning System for your business

 Would you like to have at your finger tips...

  •  Daily questions to develop confidence and a place to type your responses in your note section.

  • Daily quotes that will help you be ready to make heartfelt calls.

  • Wording for the referral game to help you get more referrals.

  • Collecting birthdays from your customers for your birthday club has never been easier.

  • Begin playing phone dominoes. Makes dialing and smiling fun. Read the section in the journal to learn how to play.

  • Learn how to share all the services you offer in your business with the sharing and caring non-pushy language.

  • Do a daily assessment of your work as well as using it for coaching language when coaching team members.

  • Enjoy filling in your lifestyle sharing section with new names.

  • Helps you to develop a list of potential team members, hostesses and fundraisers.

  • Enjoy all your information at your fingertips and it is totally searchable.

  • And so much more...!