I was promoted to manager yesterday. Everything you told me set me on fire last month. This month I am fully booked, with events, facials, and more people that wants to join Jafra.  Woa!!


Karen St. John
Jafra Cosmetics

Just wanted to share with you about some wonderful seminars by Ilene Meckley. I had the opportunity to hear Ilene speak in Atlanta She was a top producer with Discovery Toys for 13 years. She sponsored over 650 people. Ilene is an inspiration to all of us in the profession of choice: Direct Sales.

She spoke in the language of sales and portrayed what we are truly about: Sharing and Caring. I learned how to paint pictures for people with words while allowing them to make their own decisions. She spoke of overcoming some of the objections we all hear and how to stay focused and driven in order to achieve our goals. And most importantly, she taught me that we are truly in our profession to help others reach their goals and dreams while achieving our own right alongside them.

I would strongly encourage all of you to experience Ilene. She was certainly an inspiration for me.