How are you?
I'm so excited about our products  and I would love for you to be one of my summer hostesses so you can have one of the biggest parties of the season.
Wouldn't it be great for you and your friends to get a head start on their holiday shopping?  It will help take the stress out of last minute running around for the perfect gift which people do every year. Do you have (suggest date within the next week)____ available?
If the person says yes to being a hostess, then start hostess coaching.
If she says there is not enough time to give people notice then share with  her that  a lot of  your best parties are with short notice. Remind her that if she was going to go shopping and wanted to invite a friend to go with her, she would probably ask them to go in the same week.  Then tell her you want to do it though when she would like to have it.