Carol Youmans

I have read lots of recruiting materials and listened to dozens of tapes. I have never found any materials as good as Ilene's. Most other recruiting scripts sounded so "canned" or "unnatural". I felt I could really say what Ilene told me to. Her materials are worth their weight in gold.

Gina LaGalbo
L'Bri Pure & Natural

I attended Ilene's seminar in Milwaukee last March 14th. By March 31 I recruited 6 consultants. I then became a supervisor with the company I work with (L'Bri Pure & Natural). It is now August and I have 15 consultants I am working with. By August 31, I will be Manager with L'Bri. I can't wait for the August 17 seminar so I can grow faster and stronger!!! I thank Ilene for giving me the information to grow my business and teach others to do the same!!!!! She takes the fear out of recruiting and replaces it with confidence and knowledge on how to master it.