Ilene Meckley


The future leader/leader session is all about learning language to help you with potential team members as well as language for coaching current team members, helping with hesitations, apprehensions,and procrastination which lead to limitations. I will teach how to help turn those feelings into appreciation of having a business,visualization,positive imagination which leads to determination and dedication.

Join us for a Spectacular Evening with Ilene Meckley!

•    Would you like everyone to know about your business?
•    Do you ever hesitate to share because you are just not sure what to say?
•    Do you worry about what people will think about you?
•    Would you like to have more bookings than ever before?
•    Would you like to feel comfortable picking up the phone?
•    These are just a few questions that Ilene will be answering for you and your team when you attend her seminars.

Award-winning, national speaker and author, Ilene Meckley is helping people across the country achieve their goals!  Embrace Ilene’s methods for increasing bookings and sponsoring! Spend an evening with Ilene and hear for yourself the same tips that others are using in their business to thrive and not just survive!  Put yourself on the path to becoming a leader! Ilene was with a direct sales company for 13 years and in that time, personally sponsored 650 people!!!  She will teach you how to grow your business right alongside family and other activities that you are involved in. 

Here are some of Ilene’s achievements and why she will help you! 

•    President's Club achiever 14 times from her company
•    Earned every incentive trip from her company.
•    Received Hall of Fame and Woman of the Year honors from her company.
•    As a mother of six, Ilene shares her valuable tips concerning how to successfully work your business alongside your family and other
•    The results achieved by those who have attended her seminars have been extraordinary.

Visit Ilene's website to learn more about her:
Contact Bob Clark event coordinator 702-673-0361 for more information.