Candy Jackson NSD
Mary Kay

Reading Ilene's book has added an incredible belief in me of what a home based business can do for someone. Her way of offering the opportunity "Have you thought about doing something alongside your family and all your other activities to earn extra income?" has made a huge impact in my life these past few weeks. From this I have 3 new team members that I may not have asked in such a way as to peak their interest. And even better is that it opens the door for more discussion and opportunity for the customer you are talking to. Anyway, her book called Sharing and Caring plus her tapes are wonderful and I love them.

Anne Sullivan
Sr. Director Mary Kay

Just last night completed the 4 week Conference Call sessions. Thank you so much Ilene for taking your valuable time to share so much great information with us. Have already implemented your techniques for recruiting (love your painting the picture for the prospect) and your great full service customer service calls. The right words make such a difference.

I recommend your website to my unit every week!

Nicki Conroy
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Back in April, after seeing a post on another list, I called her office and offered to be a hostess for Ilene in the Binghamton, NY area. She said so much that clicked with Mary Kay that I was very glad other consultants were there also. You need to let the person you are sharing with make the decision.

I cannot say enough how much impact hearing someone say this to me is! I know that it is the right thing to do but to have it reinforced is wonderful and Ilene does it so well.

Please check out to see when Ilene is coming to your area. If she is not, call the office and see what it would take for you to be a hostess of one of her wonderful seminars!!!


Lynn Biondo
Mary Kay Cosmetics

I would like to tell you that Ilene's seminar has helped me a great deal. She simplified the process of recruiting for me. By creating a picture of "sharing cookies" with everyone, and using the phrase of " have you ever thought about...", she took the fear out of it. I have since "shared" my way to a growing team of 10 and taught them to inagine that they were sharing cookies or offering a cup of coffee to everyone. It takes the sting out of a NO and makes them realize that it's not personal rejection. Thanks for sharing with us.

Karla Schriner
Mary Kay

Hi! I attended your seminar in Durham, NC, on Monday night, and I bought the Sharing and Caring Log (along with your book and tapes). I just LOVE the log! I started using it today. The very first person I called scheduled a personal selling appointment. Before your seminar, I would ask her to be a hostess and quit if she said no. I never offered any of my other services. Of course, that was when I actually made calls. More likely I would say, "she doesn't want to be a hostess" and I wuold never call again! Your seminar helped me see that I really can't lose if I call and she says no! I figured out what my fear of sharing the opportunity is. I don't have a fear of rejection. I'm afraid she will say yes, and then I have the responsibility of a team member! Now that I realize what my fear actually is, I realize that I am being selfish when I don't share the opportunity. I can do it!

Lanita Stevens

Mary Kay

I know you're mega busy, but I wanted to thank you for making me hear the words that my directors and even my NSD has told me for the 5 years that I have been in MK!! It's easy to talk to people... If you just take yourself out of it.. Since talking with you and hearing your tapes, I have "contacted" 135 people.. 25 of which have booked a class and 4 of which have recruited. All within a week and a half to 2 week period. I will be double gold medaling (10 new recruits) and debuting as a Director by the end of July!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Of course I had a lot to do with it, but you helped.

Marcella Oberson

Mary Kay

Ilene, I bought your book "Sharing & Caring" at the MK Seminar in Dallas last week. I haven't finished reading yet, but already is has changed my outlook on how I run my business. I started my spiral notebook call log today. I only made 5 contacts, out of the 25 calls that I placed. But one person booked a class and the other 4 asked me to call them back at a later date! Thank you for giving me the tools for stepping out of my comfort zone! You're an inspiration!

Bonnie Frank

Mary Kay

Attended Ilene's seminar last night, 8-21-03 in Thousand Oaks, Ca and 

received a very inspirational awakening in the Direct Sales Field. Ilene 

you speak in layman (laywoman) terms. You make it so simple, and give such a common sense approach. I left that seminar more informed and inspired to pursue an exciting opportunity both in personal growth and monetary. I purchased your book- "Sharing & Caring" and during intermission had a chance to read 35 pages. The book layout is fabulous, plenty of space to write in comments and such an easy read. Love the balloon logo. To me that logo says "Take all these motivational guides and fly with what you absorbed and make a success of your life"! Thanks again for a great evening.

Jeri Kiersted

Kingston, NY

What a great seminar! I really enjoyed every minute! You are awesome!

Wanted to thank you and to give you feedback from one of my unit members. It has been said that a sign of an excellent speaker is that no one watches the clock. Jeanne told me that after your seminar, she looked at her watch and was shocked at the time. She could not believe so much time had passed because she was hanging on your every word. Jeanne also shared with me that you really hit home when you said that "Hobbies cost money". She finally realized what I've been telling her along; she has been treating her business like a hobby while spending so much time doing work for everyone else. She has already made several contacts just since last night, having realized that yes she can do this business around her full-time job, part-time job, and 4 children. Jeanne is so excited and I am so greatful to you for the work you are doing, Ilene.

Jeanne was raving so much about what she heard last night, that I have 

asked her to share her feelings at our next meeting.

My unit member, Susan, had a $100 day today and has made a stronger

commitment to her business. She too has decided that contacting people 

everyday is important.

Sharon Rebmann

Mary Kay

A couple weeks ago I attended one of Ilene's seminars and purchased her

cd's and books. I'm happy to say that I am very comfortable using Ilene's

language and am having great results, I've been looking for someone like

Ilene. I don't like to sell but I love caring and sharing. Thank You, Ilene.

Caterina Gipson Mary Kay

Sacramento, CA

I met you through Candy Jackson in Mary Kay. In fact, took a great picture

of you and I in Dallas at Seminar!! I just want you to know that you are the real thing! Your suggestions have worked for me. Especially how to get excited about your home based business while working a full time job. You taught me that it is in the attitude! Reading an affirmation before the call can help get you revived or focusing on goals we have committed to. Thank you for caring and sharing with us. Knowing how that feels, I look forward to a lifetime of sharing and caring for others!