Ilene Meckley is coming to the Bucks County Area May 15th

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Ilene Meckley is coming to the Bucks County Area May 15th

from 20.00

 4033 Diane Way


Training starts at 7:00 PM

Would you like to have at your fingertips...

  • Daily questions to develop confidence and a place to type your responses in your note section.

  • Daily quotes that will help you  be ready to make heartfelt calls.

  • Wording for the referral game to help you get more referrals. 

  • Collecting birthdays from your customers for your birthday club has never been easier.

  • Begin playing phone dominoes. Makes dialing and smiling fun. Read the section in the journal to learn how to play.

  • Learn how to share all the services you offer in your business with the sharing and caring non-pushy  language.

  • Do a daily assessment of your work as well as using it for coaching language when coaching team members.

  • Enjoy  filling in your lifestyle sharing section with new names.

  • Keep track of expenses and mileage.

  • Helps you to develop a list of potential team members, hostesses and fundraisers.

  • Enjoy all your information at your fingertips and it is totally searchable.

  • And so much more...!

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