Tips on how to have more hostesses

Who knows that you are looking for hostesses?  I guarantee you will have more hostesses by letting people know you are excited about your mission to give away lots of your products in the next month.  When someone asks , "How are you?"  you can say,  "I am great,  Thanks for asking.  I am on a mission to give away several thousands of dollars in products by May 1.  How would you like to be a part of my mission and receive some of the products?"

Be careful though not to only look for hostesses because you need hostesses.  Instead, change your thoughts to, " I am on a mission to give away a lot of free products by May.  Who will I be giving them to?" 

You will also have more hostesses when you dedicate yourself to sharing your business with 5  people a day out and about or on the service calls or any combination you choose.  If I guarantee that you can have 8 hostesses every month and a couple of new team members from making 5 OHPRA contacts a day, will you start dialing and smiling? I am willing to guarantee when you follow the OHPRA you will get results.  Are you willing to start sharing more and dialing and smiling?   Click on YES I'm ready for information about the tools that will change your business, your life , and other lives by being an equal opportunity sharer.

Start big mac (morning after calls) the next day after your parties and your calendar will be so much fuller!  Often, people go home after a party,  think about other people who would like your products and your customer service appreciation call could be just  what they need to feel they would like to have a party too.