I have found that the best parties are the ones booked in close.

The hostess was enthusiastic, invited the guests right away.  She did not put off doing what needed to be done.  Her guests did not have time to forget. People generally know more about what they are doing in a few days versus in 2 weeks.

Here are some words to help you paint a picture for potential hostesses. In fact, maybe you can book an evening party and a daytime office event this week as well. Start dialing and smiling. Call everyone and say, “Hi Jennifer, this is Ilene. I am calling you today because I really want you to know how much I appreciate you as one of my customers. 

There are a couple things that I am offering all of my customers. One of the things Jennifer I love to do is help others start home-based businesses too.  This time a year is a great time to more or less job test – see if this is something you would enjoy doing.  Have you ever thought about doing something alongside your family and other activities to earn some extra income?

” If they say; no I am not interested. 

Then say, the other goal I have is to give away several thousands of dollars in free products as a thank you for helping me introduce the different services I offer to the community. What has your experience been with home parties? I have some time this Thursday where I would love to stop by for just a little quick visit and show you some of our products. If they say yes, then say, “Can you think of some other people who might enjoy that idea too? I can be in and out of your home in an hour or two.   What do you think?  Would you like to be one of my stop and shop hostesses?”

Don’t prejudge. Just start dialing. Ask everyone. Click Parties for information on a tool to make booking parties easier.  Believe that there is someone out there eager and ready to hear from you. 

Think of it as if you are playing hide and go seek. You start looking everywhere, having a good time looking. Are you ready to do the same thing? I want to encourage you to be ready to look for all your customers to show your appreciation and commitment to being there for them this year.

Also, you can call some receptionists at offices and share you would love to offer to pop in during lunch and do the same for them and their co-workers this year. Offer to come in during lunch one day this week and share some of your products. Let them know that they would also be participating in a community service project because you will be donating gifts to a shelter, the Red Cross or a special organization based on the sales at all the doctors offices , law firms, real estate offices, etc.

You can book these quick to be held events. The key is to start sharing with everyone, people you know and people you do not know. Become an “equal opportunity” sharer today. Again, keep in mind you have something to share that everyone might like to know more about. It is your job to share to find them. “Come out, come out wherever you are!”