Sue-Ann MacCara
Pampered Chef

Just wanted to thank you AGAIN for coming to Vancouver and Caring enough to Share all your information with us, it was such a pleasure to meet you!! I have had a profound paradigm shift (although I've heard most of this information before) it was the way you presented it and "shared the words to use" and explained how there is no such thing as rejection that did the trick!! I am going to become a caring and sharing machine (I see the challenge now being how do I turn it off!!??).

I look forward to being the master of painting pictures that you are!! As I said at your seminar YOU'RE MY NEW HERO!!

Felicia Murrell
Pampered Chef Director

Ilene Meckley is a must see! After attending my first Ilene Meckley seminar, my team rapidly grew from 1 to 15!! Ilene takes a budding plant, waters it with nurturing, passion, and language and causes it to come into full bloom! What she offers at her seminars is so key - unselfish, passionate TEAM building. I believe that so much, I offered an incentive to my downline for FREE registration to her seminars! Find out where the next seminar is and make plans to BE THERE!! You will never regret the investment you have made in your business by attending any of Ilene's seminars!

Kelly Dudukovich
Director, Pampered Chef

I really believe that the most important part of what Ilene Meckley has to share is attitude. Since March, when I slowly started to implement her techniques, I have added 7 personal team members and assisted my group in adding 3 others for their team. She set a goal for us to add 28 new team members this year, and it feels so good to be off to a great start. I am hoping to share her seminars now with my team. I am so excited to hear she is coming to my area again.

Dianne Carter
The Pampered Chef

Attending Ilene's Caring and Sharing and Getting Down to Business seminars has made such a such a difference in my business. Previously I would dance around the subject of recruiting. I never felt comfortable talking about it. When I did share, I told how great our company was and shared a lot of information, I never was able to close though. When this resulted in consultants signing with someone else later who was able to merely close what I had begun, it was devastating. Ilene helped me to ask direct questions in a language that I was comfortable with. It has become apparent that those I speak with are comfortable with it as well. I have increased the number of contacts that I make and have had great results. I still would love to implement a few more of Ilene's techniques and look forward to seeing her again to hone in on some further. With this said I must add that the single most important thing Ilene said to me was basically I was being selfish and pushy by 'not' talking to people about all that our company had to offer. Like many I always felt I was being pushy by talking about it. Changing how I viewed this has made ALL the difference! Thanks for everything Ilene!

Danielle Zimmerman
The Pampered Chef

I would like to let you guys know how much hearing Ilene at Regional in January has changed my business. Before her presentation, I had some serious doubts about my abilities, and whether I should continue in my business. Even though I love what I do, I found myself hitting a brick wall, resulting in much frustration. My sales were in a slump, my bookings were all cancelling on me, and my one recruit in 18 months of business was a KITNAPPER! (oh evil of evils).

After hearing Ilene, I told my director that she must have arranged for Ilene to come just for my benefit - so much of what she spoke of addressed my issues in my business. I took to heart Ilene's premise that you are successful 100% of the time that you share, and my business is exploding! What a joy! My sales have soared, I have bookings coming out of my ears, and I just recruited two new consultants!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And keep up the good work!

Debbie Rivers
Director for The Pampered Chef

I just wanted to thank you for the insight you have given me in my Pampered Chef 'career'. And yes, a career it has become. I attended your seminar in October after completing a business builders 6 week training. That was our celebration night, and a night it was. I was great at bookings and had just started to recruit after being in business for 2 years. I was afraid of being 'pushy' but after hearing the way you present the opportunity in such a caring way and after purchasing your whole tape set, I was newly inspired. I listened to the tapes and decided to 'step outside my comfort zone', and I found it a great feeling. I started truly caring for the people I came in contact with by offering them the opportunity I had and that they too could benefit from it. I shared it with everyone - hosts, customers, people in a line, people placing outside orders, wherever and doing it in a gentle caring way people responded in a great way. Since October I have recruited 11 new people, have promoted to director and now have achievable recruiting goals.

I CAN'T is no longer part of my vocabulary. I am looking forward to seeing you again when you come to this area (massachusetts) and I'll be bringing my team.

Thanks again!!

Jennie Offield

Pampered Chef

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing you Friday night in San Antonio. And to also tell you how sorry I was to have to leave early. I was hanging on your every word but I started getting a horrible headache. I skipped dinner to so I'd be there on time to do the check in only to have it haunt me later. I really wanted to tell you afterward how it helped me to hear you. 

I was telling my husband when I got home how you are a true motivational speaker because you caused me for the first time to examine my motives. You were so thorough to point out what we are trying to accomplish and then to get us to ask why before giving us help as to how. Both of the ladies I came with really are already putting it into practice. 

Thank you for the opportunity to hear you, meet you, and get to introduce you. I was teetering on the brink of losing Directorship but some sales came in to give me a second chance. I am looking forward to this opportunity to do some things differently. Your coming to San Antonio could not have been more timely for my business.