Denise Stafford
Sr. Unit Leader, PartyLite Gifts

I really took to heart the message Ilene had for us in Springfield. I felt what was most helpful was giving us examples of WHAT TO SAY to potential recruits and how to respond with a great comeback when they say they couldn't do this business! She helped me to realize that I'm not being fair to all these people I meet at shows if I don't offer them the wonderful opportunity my company has. I now look at it as a gift from the heart, not from the pocketbook.

Kelly Klepacki
PartyLite Gifts

I just wanted to write back to let you know how much your newsletters help me and my group!!! They're not only inspirational but they put in a concise form tools that we as consultants can take and practically apply!! So thank you. You are a vital resource for us all!!

Melissa Yates
PartyLite Gifts

I've been a PartyLite consultant for almost 2 years and I have had my share of ups and downs. In January and February 2003, I didn't turn in a single show. March, I was barely active for my unit. But I did something different in March. I attended an Ilene Meckley Sharing and Caring Seminar. I had been getting Ilene's newsletters for almost a year, but I had never seen her in person. Well, after seeing Ilene, I went on to sell over $2000 in April! And all but 1 show were brand new clients that I would never have met, had I not tried Ilene's methods of Sharing and Caring. She taught me the words to say on the phone and face to face with potential customers and hostesses. Now I'm not afraid to share what I have to offer and care about the people I meet and speak to every day.  Thanks Ilene.

Anita Pulaski
Regional Leader PartyLite Gifts Inc.

It was such a pleasure and an honor to have you as our keynote speaker for our 1st kickoff. It truly was a success and you were a major part of it. Wanted to send you just a few of the comments:

"Excellent-every word powerful & useful"

"Such a graceful and knowledgeable speaker. Has helped me remember that I should be offering and speaking to everyone based on what I have to offer giving me examples of what to say."

"Her entire presentation was wonderful.. I liked the way she did a show opening and she really helped me to see how to speak to someone unfamiliar, like in line at the store, or in the library."

"Awesome motivational speaker, great ideas, looking forward to putting them into action."

"She was amazing I can't wait to start applying her tips and ideas to my business."

"Wonderful-would love to hear her again."

Denise McCalla Creary
PartyLite Gifts Inc.

Ilene's book is titled "Sharing and Caring, the key to taking your business up, up and away," She has some associated material that is also very good.

One is a book for the kids to color that talks to their support. While we talk about sharing the Partylite opportunity, Ilene's presentation focused on sharing using analogies with a little different twist from how it is normally presented.

I believe her take helps you to feel more comfortable offering (sharing) the opportunity, hosting shows. Sponsoring (sharing) etc. She also has some techniques that are different from what we normally hear but definitely useful.

I really recommend you consider having her.