Ilene, thank you so much for such an AMAZING training! You are truly inspiring - I had so many A-HA moments, it was crazy! I can't wait to talk to you more, listen to your CDs and read your books. Your no-nonsense approach, always with kindness, is so refreshing.

I highly encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE who has a chance to meet and work with Ilene in person to GRAB THAT CHANCE! You WILL NOT regret it! She's a game-changer!!!

Lee Ann Hollingsworth

I have been with Premier Designs Jewelry for over 22 years. I am a Platinum Executive Director. I want to say that in all my years attending trainings, seminars, retreats and rallies that Ilene's trainings are the most helpful that I have heard from any outside motivational speaker. But Ilene is so much more than just a great trainer. She has been personally concerned and involved with my business and my downline's businesses long after her seminars have ended. She always gives far more than what she charges and the effects of

her teachings and philosophies are real and lasting, instead of temporary and passing. I wholeheartedly recommend her to every group in every company, no matter how large or small.

Gayle Foster

Platinum Executive Director

Premier Designs


Elizabeth Abbott Tyson

I sent this to my girls on our phone team tonight and wanted to share it with you! 

I want to be real with you all tonight! This group is about building each other up and also being transparent so I want to share my experience today and maybe it will encourage you all or at least let you know how to pray for me  I did not use my tracker today as I struggled to make contacts between a school meeting, a one-on-one, cooking dinner, and straightening up for an op tonight for which none of my guests showed up. Caleb got home and said he was going running...good for him, I'm gaining what he loses, I thought...yep I was tired and thinking in a not so positive way!

I made a couple of calls, set up a phone op for tonight  and finally sat down to dinner with my family. You know what the best part of today was? Enjoying a meal with my family and they LOVED dinner and the special dessert that I made for the op that did not happen. I came up to my office happy about family time but feeling like I did not work my business, because I had a blank tracker. Once i started writing in it I realized that I did make 5 contacts today!

The tracker can do 1 of 2 things. 1-show us what we have done OR 2-Show us what we have not done! What are you going to let it do for you? I want to see my activity!!!

OK I hope this makes since! It has been a long day and I would really appreciate your prayers at 9pm tonight as I share the Premier business Opportunity with a Premier referral! She is a mom of 3 boys with a 4th BOY due in June! Her husband works out of town often and she hates her day job. She wants to be home with her boys  Love and prayers for you all!


Ilene is such an AMAZING person. She has so willingly coached me and helped in more ways than I could just list here!!   Before I jump in I feel like a little back story is necessary.  I am a mother of 4 boys.  My oldest is 3 and I have 20 month old triplets.  I work my business so that I can be home with my children and provide income for our family. 

I first met Ilene in May of 2012 I had been in business since January of that year. After hearing her speak I sponsored three new team members. I was trying to make phone calls but I was not doing it consistently.  I ended up having a rough summer and in September of 2012 I went and listened to her speak again!  Let me tell you even if you have heard her speak once you need to hear her speak again!  It lit a fire under me. I came back and worked on making the Phone my BFF.  Unfortunately I still was struggling with consistency and Balance  

    It wasn't until she started the triathlon in January 2013 that I had my act together and wanted to do whatever it took to consistently work my business! Ilene coached me all through the triathlon and  I did as she she said NO MATTER WHAT!! 

    In January I had three parties booked but by February I had Quadrupled that number to having 12 parties!!  And by March I was rolling.... I ended the month with 14 Parties and brought 5 new people on to my team!! 

    Ilene's coaching has TRANSFORMED how I approach and work my business. She has taught me BALANCE with my family and business. I am so excited about where my business is headed and LOVE how I can SHARE my business in a non pushy way and show my customers and hostesses that I really care! 

  We are so excited that she is coming to speak in MAY I know everyone who hears her speak will certainly grow from it!! 

  Thank You Ilene for ALL you have done for me and my family! I am able to truly work a successful business right along side   my family and activities!

Thank you so much Bob & Ilene for helping!! I am so excited to see you guys at the end of May!!

Thank You,

Stephanie Whitehurst


Cindy McFadden Thanks for the training last night. Very good stuff. My husband has noticed the difference your training is making in my business. He asked me what I am doing differently? I said " Ilene Meckley".