More about Stick-to-itiveness...

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At the Olympics games in 1968, Tanzania’s marathon runner John Stephen Akhwari started with the field of fellow athletes, but along the grueling course, fell, seriously cutting his knee and dislocating a joint.  More than an hour after the top marathoner that day won the race, Akhwari, despite the excruciating pain, entered the coliseum in Mexico City.  Only a handful of spectators were left to witness his feat of courage.  Bloodied and bandaged, he completed the 26.2-mile course.  Limping away he was asked by a reporter, why he had not quit.  Akhwari answered, “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race.  They sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.”

In my mind, this heroic marathon runner was a winner.  Refusing to give up, and despite the odds, he kept on going.  He stuck to the assignment at hand.  He refused to accept defeat or take “no” for an answer.  He finished the race.  

Do you have what it takes to finish the race?  If you hear a “no” and keep on going until you hear a “yes,” then you have what it takes.  If you experience an “off night” with low sales and no bookings, but come right back and try again, then you, too, have what it takes.    

Whenever you are thinking about quitting, I suggest you take a couple of minutes to look at the youtube video about John Stephen Akhwari.  Here is the link,

Having a business is like running a marathon.  The start is exciting.  Everyone is there to cheer you on.  But it’s along the course of the journey that you prove you have what it takes.  Stick-to-itiveness is becoming of a “Velcro Person,” good things just seem to stick to them wherever they go.