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Anythings Possible

Throughout this insightful book, Ilene Meckley, the Success Coach, is your guide on a nonstop journey you will not want to end – training you can put to work right away and amazing stories you will remember forever.

Hire Yourself: Courage and Inspiration to Start Your Own Business book

Downsized? Job eliminated? Pink Slipped? Bored or under appreciated, and want to quit? Retired and looking for a new challenge? Or, perhaps you have yet to get started. Before seeking a first job or a new job, consider hiring yourself. Create a business that’s your perfect fit – a business that’s all about you, your interests, and your passions.

Hire yourself, and you may go higher than you imagined possible.

Hire Yourself is for anyone seeking a new income opportunity, who needs encouragement to start a micro-business, and wants help getting started on the road to financial self-reliance.

Contains big ideas for tomorrow's entrepreneur!

  • Make the choice to be the boss of your own company.
  • Learn to work from the heart to grow a business that lasts.
  • Discover the power of having a purpose, a passion, and a plan.
  • Overcome fear by focusing on others.
  • Master the art of persuasion by painting pictures with words.
  • Become skilled in finding new customers and keeping them.
  • Make the decision to be success-driven.

Highway of Success Proceed With Passion 

In this travel guide to success, Ilene Meckley, in a clear and assured voice, takes us on a journey measured in mileposts of inspiration and billboards of advice for daily living. This audio version of Ilene's popular book of the same title is a road trip you will not want to miss. Inviting humor to be her guide, Ilene capably steers our way through traffic lights that slow us down, road work that detours our goals, and across the kinds of speed bumps we all encounter. As we clear bugs from the windshield, keep feet off the dashboard, play music, and avoid the distraction of backseat drivers, we proceed with a passion for life to become all we hope to be.