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Working From The Heart Tracking System

One of the most meaningful activities for a business is to track daily contacts.  You will discover how little or how much you are working.  You may find out that you spend more time getting ready to make a call than actually making the call. 

Keeping track will be a sense of freedom and at the same time a sense of accountability.

It is so important to be able to feel good at the end of a day.  Seeing that you shared your business with five people and tracking what they need from you will give you the results that you are looking forin 2015.

Keep track of the yeses, the maybes, and the not nows.  Enjoy the monthly growing list of potential hostesses and potential consultants when you keep track of all your contacts.

Would you like to be ableto say that you had a great day instead of where did the day go?

Are you ready to give your business the CARE (Consistent Activities to Reach Excellence)  it deserves? 

Do you need the words for a full-service customer care call?

Do you want to learn how to work your business alongside your family and other activities?


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