I hope you are having a great week sharing your business with everyone!  We are enjoying working with all of you and would love to visit your area this summer.   Are you ready for the hot, hot days of summer?  This is the time to grow your business alongside your family and other activities.   I would love to visit you and your team at one of your regularly scheduled meetings this summer.

Many of you ask me for tips on balancing family, other activities, and growing a business.  I would love for you to take a peak into what I did every day while growing a business with five busy active children.   I know that many of you are excited about my new book.  I want to encourage everyone to make sharing an important part of your business.  Many of you are finding that the book is a helpful tool to help you feel comfortable sharing your business with everyone,  keeping you focused on consistency, and keeping the balance that is important for success.  Never ask again, “Where did the day go?” when you are using the Sharing from the Heart Tracking System.  Click on sharing to discover how easy growing a business can be when you work from the heart.