Michelle Mongan
Tupperware Manager

What an inspirational experience! After attending Ilene's Sharing and Caring Seminar, I finally realized how difficult I was making my own business and how much I was getting in my own way. Hearing Ilene speak in such down to earth and simple terms, made me reevaluate how I look at and run my business.

Not only do I get out of my own way...but I now bring others with me on the path to success thanks to Ilene's wonderful words and tools!

Ronda Franklin
Sr. Exec. Mgr., Tupperware

After the year 2000, I can't say enough about what Ilene's techniques and elegant "word choices" have done for me. 2000 was my biggest year with Tupperware; I was recognized as the number one personal recruiter as well as having the number one team in Unit recruits. I've read her book front to back, highlighted and use it as my Recruiting Bible! Her word choices are very comfortable and easy to use. I also listen to her tapes on my way to my parties. I've been in business for 4 years and have personally recruited twice as many people this past year as I did in my first two years COMBINED! I attended one of her seminars and decided to host the next seminar that she had in my town. You can't get enough of Ilene. Thank you so much for being you.

Jan Hatchett
Sr. Executive Mgr., Tupperware

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a series of 3 seminars in Atlanta held by Ilene Meckley. This training was well presented, intelligent, and very much a "nuts and bolts" approach to taking a party plan business to a much more serious (and hence, profitable) level. I highly recommend these trainings to everyone who is serious about building a successful business.

Much of the information will be familiar to those of you who have taken advantage of Tupperware training. But, the way this information is put together, with a definite plan for success, is a wonderful change of pace. I particularly enjoyed the session on Team Building, which espouses a philosophy of less cheerleading and more coaching. It was a much needed slap in the face for me.

Ilene is not a Tupperware person; she originally had a business with Discovery Toys, but this is good information, well presented, and appropriate to any party plan business. Just as I have grown from reading Zig Ziglar and others, Ilene's seminars and materials are of the same caliber. I strongly recommend them. I wish I had heard her last year when I promoted.

Tracy Howard-Dietrich


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me turn my business around and take it to the next level. I met you a few months ago at Star Spangled Enterprises in Baltimore. At that point, I had been in Tupperware less than a year but you showed me how to share this opportunity. I have even earned my Tupperware Mini van since then!! That week, I talked to a stranger at the post office who had a party for me( a small one) but her two guests booked a party together and it was a $900 party with 4 dating!!!!!!!! Thank You.....I also took this advice to the park where I take my 2 1/2 year old twins to play. I met a girl there who hosted for me and I recruited her Mom. You are so inspirational and I will never forget you. Thank You for giving me the courage. I'll keep on caring and sharing in Baltimore.............

Tupperly Yours,
Tracy Howard-Dietrich