Randall White

President/CEO of EDC - Publisher of Usborne Books

Motivating and Inspirational!  Keynote Speaker at our National Convention.  Ilene’s genuine passion for life and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their dreams is unequivocal as she shares her life experiences and expertise.


It’s been a very long and eventful day.  Not only did my travel plans change over and over and I kept a smile on my face all the way through, every time I was on a different flight I was able to talk with new people.

I left Tulsa early this morning to be able to meet my husband for a college reunion dinner in Indianapolis tonight.  I shared with two people in the Tulsa Airport and have a potential recruit lead from one the families I spoke to.   I shared with my seat mate on the flight who is an attorney involved with their Bar Association Foundation.  We talked about all the ways we can help her with her literacy mission through the foundation.  The more we talked the more excited she became and told me she’s be thinking about retiring early from her job as it’s becoming more and more stressful.  She’s wondering if this could be the thing for her to do.  God puts people in places for a reason is what she said.  J

So I arrived in Atlanta with three names to find my flight to Indy had been cancelled.  5 gates, three runs through 3 different terminals, and three flight changes later, I was finally in the waiting game again.  I met a grandma from Louisville who has 3 wonderful grandchildren and I will be meeting her the first week of August for a personal shopping appointment.  When we boarded the plane to Louisville (Not Indy) the first time, I was sitting next to another grandma who was sharing all about her grandchildren.  Of course, she wants the best books possible for her grandchildren.  She lives in Muncie, Indiana so I got her address and number and promised to mail a catalog next week.  She has some birthdays coming up and we talked about some great choices.

Then we got off that plane (it never left the gate) and ran again to our final terminal of the day, had time to grab a sandwich and while eating my lunch/dinner waiting for the plane to arrive, I spoke to another grandmother who’s grandchildren were so disappointed that she was running late.  Hmmm… Grandmothers are REALLY fun to talk with.   She lives here in Louisville and I have her number, so we can set a date to get together. 

So even though it’s been a challenging and disappointing day, it has been a very positive day as well.  I’m back to sharing and getting results.  Thank you for the reminder that when we aren’t sharing with everyone, we aren’t being fair.  It makes it much easier to do that.



Kathy Slemp
VP, Usborne Books at Home

Ilene Meckley was our featured speaker at our 1999 National Convention. Ilene spoke from her experiences: people listened, learned and put into action the rechniques she taught about dating, selling and recruiting. Six months later we were still hearing from the field on how they were benefitting from the seminar. I would highly recommend Ilene Meckley's program to any organization that wants to increase activity and productivity, as well as motivate their team.

Hi Ilene,

I purchased your Working From The Heart Tracking System book, and am a member of your Sharing Task Force.  Your sharing and caring approach to direct sales really resonated with me (I am one of those people who never thought I would ever be a sales person).  I needed language and a philosophy that meant something to ME.  I want you to know that I am so grateful for what you are so willing to share.  Thank you for your email newsletters, like the one below, I always learn something.  Thank you for your Facebook Posts, they motivate and challenge me, and they always come when I need- it reminding me to stay on track.

Your sharing and caring language has helped me feel comfortable talking to people.  Recently I have become more excited about doing that, knowing that all I am doing is sharing information.  I am still working on moving outside of my comfort zone to talk to people when I am out and about.  I am also working on being "ok" with it when someone says "no", but knowing that the decision is theirs to make, not mine is emotionally liberating.  I wanted to tell you that I have been using your scripting (from February) and have really gotten excited about offering the opportunity.  First, it really IS the best thing we can offer to people.  Growing a team and promoting to Supervisor is my goal, but I don't feel pushy when I say "Would it be helpful to you to have some information so that you can decide if having your own business is something you would enjoy, now or in the future?"   When doing full service OHPRA calls, two people in one evening both said "Sure, I'd like some more information".  Now I have two new recruit leads that I never had before, and never would have had if I hadn't simply shared.  That was exciting, empowering, and EASY.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Hello Ilene –

Fantastic Webinar!  I’ve been dialing into everything I can; it definitely keeps my working and sharing in the forefront and the discipline as you know is needed to help prevent getting side-tracked.

I just wanted to tell you that at the end I just went to make a comment when you asked, and accidentally bumped a phone button and cut myself off so I had to just listen by computer.  Sorry, would love to have publicly thanked you for all you and Bob do for us!

The language works.  It’s definitely a softer but direct approach.  I think sometimes Consultants – in many direct sales companies – get so excited meeting people that they end up ‘throwing up’ their company all over someone (for lack of a better word).  Thanks for reminding us to give them just a drink of water, leaving them wanting more, and how to follow up - it just makes so much sense.  The OHPRA calls are fabulous, and my customers seem to appreciate the thoroughness, really.  They have commented.  Love it.

Looking forward to the future – you’re a great and generous business coach.  Your good health remains in my prayers, both for you and Bob.  My team is spread out around the state, but once I build local I look forward to sharing you in this area!