Are you wishing for success or working for success?
Do you feel like the weeks are flying by, leading you to wonder,  “What did I accomplish this week?”  Take some time to write down what you do each day and you will be amazed how much time you spend thinking about your business versus really working at building your business.   Keep in mind that having your own business allows you flexibility, which gives you a choice as to when to work not “if”.
Are you ready for the best week ever?  
Commit to making 5 new contacts each day for one week?  I believe that making new contacts is what creates excitement in a business.  Think about your day in 4 segments—9-12, 12-3, 3-6, 6-9.  At the beginning of every segment ask, “What do I want to accomplish personally during the next three hours and where will I fit in what I need to do professionally” (one contact)?
Then fit in one additional contact during one of the segments. Your day never gets away from you that way.  You will be able to stop asking yourself, “Where did the day go”?  Instead, you will be saying, “What a great day I had!”

Ilene has made this easier for you by creating the Tracker.
For those of you who work full time, you can take the hours you have after work and then break them into three segments and make 2 contacts during two of the segments and fit in one additional one during the last segment.
“I want to encourage you to take me up on this challenge.” 
 When you make new contacts on a regular basis it will help you avoid what I refer to as“the bounty hunter syndrome”.  That is when you have the same old people to call and you see a booking or a new recruit written on their head. 
You then begin to track them down so that you can pin them down. 
It will be so different when you are talking to new people on a regular basis.  Instead of tracking down, you will always have someone new to follow up with.
Remember, when you are sharing your business that you should never pre-judge.  Decide that everyone has the right to be shared with no matter what. 
As you are sharing ,keep in mind,
it is perfectly ok for someone to say,” no thank you”, when you share;  it is never ok to hesitate to share because they might say no.