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How many times have you received a package from a national multi-billion dollar company and have been excited to rip it open, marveling at how easy and efficient the ordering process was?   Perhaps you even got a great deal on the item.  Maybe you are like a good friend of mine who sometimes forgets what it is she even ordered and is surprised when she opens the box as if opening a gift on Christmas morning (on their birthday).  There is nothing wrong with supporting National Goliath companies but is it time we ask ourselves, what about David, or in this case, his small local business?

As a small business owner, I would love it if my customers received packages on a consistent basis with the same excitement and ease, as I am sure most reading this would agree.  


Well, if you do agree, then I am here to share the great news, David can often win over Goliath, especially if there were thousands of Davids partnering in the name of local businesses to gain back market share.


Small businesses (including Direct Sales) have a HUGE advantage when it comes to providing excellent customer service; exclusive top ranked products, and the ability to empower your customers by sharing the opportunity to earn extra income.  When was the last time a National Goliath Company was as eager to help you earn money in the same way they were to take your money?


You think it is exciting to receive a package from a delivery truck, well then can you imagine how excited your customer would be by receiving their amazing product delivered by you?  Not only would they get the product they ordered, and not only will they be able to put a face to the person whose business they are supporting, but they will have you to help consult them on other products and services.  When was the last time Goliath did that?


Many of us get excited when the package arrives, but life is full of mistakes, and our orders are not immune to that.  What happens when you have a problem with an order from Goliath?  Do you find it is an easy process to get ahold of a customer care representative?  Sometimes yes, and in my experience, often times it is challenging.  How much time do you spend on hold, or even playing “hide and seek” with the automated machine hitting what seems like an endless amount of numbers just to get the right person?  Now ask yourself, how many different numbers do your clients have to call to reach you?  You have a huge advantage of being accessible, which is invaluable to many consumers expectations.


I want you to join me on this mission to make small local businesses the first choice in products and services! My new workshop is to be sure that your business is seen as a local business that your community chooses to support.



“You Are Never Hard At Work When You Work From The Heart”


Just one new thought or two or three...

Just one new thought can get you your next booking or your next new consultant




• Would you like to learn how to get over your fear of sharing, even if you are uncomfortable?

• I will teach you how to step outside your comfort zone so that you can offer everyone the wonderful opportunity

  you have been given.

• Using my working from the heart way of business you will be happy with everyone’s response no matter what his

  or her response is!

• I will teach even the newest consultant to feel that they are in the sharing business.

• I will teach you lots of language such as, “Have you ever thought of doing something alongside your family and  

  activities to earn extra income?”




1. No more fear of picking up the phone to share the services you offer on your phone.

2. No more fear of sharing your opportunities.

3. I will teach you how to offer a personal shopping service.

4. I am going to make it easy to ask for referrals.

5. I will teach you how to be happy every time you hang up your phone.

Once a week for $180 per month

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