This is the Goal Positioning System for your business.  Business builders refer to it as the Franklin Covey of direct sales! This can be used on your smartphone, tablet, computer and/or it can be printed. You will also have the extra benefit of live or recorded training twice each month with Ilene...

  • Enjoy your information at your fingertips. 

  • Learn how to share all the services you offer in your business with the sharing and caring non-pushy language.

  • Develop a list of potential team members, hostesses, and fundraisers.

  • Answer daily questions to develop confidence

  • Read daily quotes that will help you be ready to make heartfelt calls

  • Use the wording for the referral game to help you get more referrals

  • Collect birthdays from your customers for your birthday club

  • Learn how to play phone dominoes. It makes dialing and smiling fun. 

  • Do a daily assessment of your work and learn how to coach team members.

  • Enjoy filling in your lifestyle sharing section with new names.

  • Keep track of expenses and mileage.

  • There is a two year calendar.

  • And so much more...!


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