Wow! I have been working with Ilene since March and the words that I would use to describe what has happened in my business would be transformation & game changer!
I am so glad that I have implemented changes in my business to go from good to great from my services to my customers to working with my consultants! Just a few things (there is so much more)that made sense to me is to work on my language, to fully offer & share all my services & really bring my business along side everything I am doing!
I am not fearing change but looking forward to change! This year will be the BEST!
Thank you Ilene Meckley & Shelley Money-Eldridge!❤️💕

                                   ‎         Anna Rowe White

                                            October 2, 2019

Working with my Virtual Card has been one of the best investments in my business this year! Sharing the Fun Virtual Events has brought joy and more people looking at all my services in the process. My contacts are also sharing me with so many others I otherwise would never have been introduced to. Sharing joy, and I received 2 new customers in the last week. Asking for referrals is so easy with my card. That's better than any "warm chatter" contact I've made being out and about, which you know isn't even happening right now. If you haven't gotten your Virtual Business Card from Bob with I highly suggest you do! Bob Clark is always so helpful and offers great customer service! Have no fear, Bob is there! So patient in helping me to update, or takes on the job without me even asking! Cheri Thomas

"What I love about my card is that my business is Interactive and is user friendly to my customer or any new person I share my card with! And within seconds, you can update it with the most recent Sale, Opportunity, And Video."  Coleen O’Brien

Ilene Meckley is my coach and I sponsored 6 in August !! #1 in my entire company so just listen to her and learn and be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little. One girl on my team heard the verbiage from Ilene and sponsored 14 girls last year.


Cindy Strutridge 

September 18, 2019

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