Presenting the virtual business card which is the world's most intelligent and eco-friendly business card!


Let us help you drive business to you with a virtual business card. It is the ultimate marketing tool; transforming the way we connect with others and grow businesses.


Unlike a printed business card, this virtual business card likes to travel and never gets lost or stuck in a drawer.


  • This virtual card tracks how many people have viewed your card and when it is passed to someone else or is downloaded into someone's contacts.

  • Know how many times your business card has been viewed, shared and downloaded. You can see which pages were viewed. When you text it to someone you will now have a record of people you shared with to follow up with.

  • We want a contact you make to become a connection and not just remain a contact!  Update your virtual card and everyone who has your card is notified of the update. 

Virtual business cards help to quickly capture contact information from potential clients in a way that paper cards do not. Ask for a phone number to text them your card and follow up with them within 24 hours.



  • Add Unlimited Pages

  • Create Photo Galleries & Slide Shows

  • Upload Downloadable Documents (PDF, Docx & more)

  • Embed Video or Upload MP3 and MP4s

  • Create Custom Contact Forms

  • Create Coupons & Specials

  • Promote Events with RSVPs

  • Aggregate Your Social Media

  • Create Add Chat Profile Such as Skype & WhatsApp

  • Add Meeting Room Info

  • Organize Your Important Links in One Place

  • Add PayPal

Set Up And Design Card
with unlimited texts for 1 year
$70 per year