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I made this after Ilene's group coaching call last night! Thank you Ilene Meckley for believing in me and coaching me with such patience and yet speaking the hard truth when I need to hear it!

Elizabeth Abbott Tyson

Guest Trainer for local meetings and Keynote Speaker


Working From The Heart

Since 1994, Ilene Meckley “National Author, Language Coach and Attitude Trainer”, has been providing people and businesses with the inspiration and tools they need to become successful in their lives both professionally and personally. 

Ilene worked for a direct sales company for thirteen years.  During those 13 years, she personally recruited over 650 people, held eight parties a month, and helped promote 8 new top leaders every year.  Ilene was awarded President's Club achiever fourteen times and earned every incentive trip from her company because she developed a sharing caring language that she now shares with thousands of direct sales professional across the world.  She also earned the Hall of Fame and Woman of the Year honors from her company.  

Ilene, a mother of six, brings a unique blend of experiences, sincerity and compassion to each and every engagement.


In 2005 Ilene was hit head on by an 18 wheeler truck. Ilene narrowly survived a terrifying car crash.  Ilene spent 5 1/2 months in the hospital.   Doctors told her family she may not survive.  They then said they did not know if she would be able to walk again. Ilene decided I will walk again.  She made the decision that she would do everything she possibly could do to walk again.  Her determination helped that to happen.  

Ilene used every ounce of her strength to make sure she would walk again.  She worked with her physical therapists three times a day, as well as occupational therapists.  After being in the hospital for four months, Ilene was only able to take a couple of steps and continued to work with determination to increase the amount of steps each day.   Ilene used a walker and wheelchair for a couple years after leaving the hospital. 

Ilene refused to give up her career of helping others and each day she grew even more determined, making a promise to herself that she would not only walk again, she would return to her passion of helping others.  Ilene is dedicated to her career of sharing and teaching others her secrets of success, teaching others how to grow their business alongside their family and other activities.  She teaches how to comfortably share your business using her sharing and caring language. 

Ilene teaches people how to use this language in every situation. Ilene will teach you how to share all the different opportunities your company has to offer, which leads to an increase in sales ,and new consultant opportunities.  Ilene feels it is better to be “ heart at work, rather than hard at work”.  

Ilene’s approach has helped thousand to become more comfortable and make them feel at ease in promoting your business.  Ilene teaches the art of getting more satisfaction and success from your business by teaching you how to talk to anyone, anytime, about your business and never feel pushy again.  

Ilene’s impressive list of satisfied clientele can attest to her impressive results.  Click on testimonials to read what people are saying about Ilene's trainings.